Pohjolan Pirtti Saunas

Relax in the gentle birch-scented steam in our steam sauna, or try out our ordinary Finnish electric sauna, a type of sauna that can be found in almost every home in Finland. There are two separate shower rooms, dressing rooms and bathrooms in the sauna building, as well as a cozy lounge area with a fireplace. Upstairs lounge may be used as an extra dressing room if you come with a big group.

Our traditional wood heated sauna is located outside on the patio. This sauna is perfect for using traditional birch and juniper sauna remedies. On the patio you can also find our wood heated outdoor hot tub. Relax in the hot water enjoying the beautiful surroundings and the tranquil countryside atmosphere. During winter time you can also jump into our refreshing snow baths, if you dare to be as brave as a Finn!

Our saunas have Sauna from Finland quality certificate. 

authentic finnish sauna experience

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